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"Indiana's Largest Day Spa"

Let our very talented Esthetician's wax your hair away.


Eyebrow Arch   $20

Eyebrow Arch and Lip   $25

Nose   $10

Upper Lip   $10

Chin   $10

Sides of Face   $12

Full Face   $35

Under Arm   $25

Half Arm   $25

Full Arm   $40

Back Wax   $50

Full Leg   $65

Half Leg   $35

Bikini   $35

Brazilian (first time)   $70

Brazilian (maintenance)  $65

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Monday:  Closed

Tuesday:  10am - 7pm

Wednesday:  10am - 7pm

Thursday:  10am - 7pm

Friday:  10am - 6pm

Saturday:  10am - 5pm

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