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Naturopathic Doctor

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Naturopathic Doctor

60 min.   $65

Dr. Devon Shive N.D., CNHP

As a Naturopathic Doctor Devon deals with a range of illnesses.  He will advise a variety of natural modalities and treatments based on the scan provided by the Zyto 1 use.  The Zyto scan is a biocummunication hand cradle that sends subtle energetic impulses to the body.  The client's body will then react to these impulses sending feedback to his computer.  The program will then take these results and turn them into reports called biosurveys.  These reports will give out the high and low, positive and negative stressors on the body.  When the scans are finished he will be able to better determine deficiencies and stresses that could lead to certain 

illnesses.  Devon states that HE DOES NOT DIAGNOSE.  Diagnoses from a Medical Doctor are welcomed and rather beneficial to his practice.

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